2006 Pictures

Me at work (February 2006)

My desk.

Outside. I will be sorry when we have to move later this year.

Jordan, Tanya, and Caleb (February 2006, Caleb at 4 1/2 months)

Miranda reading to Caleb, with Tanya and Liesl looking on.

Jordan watching the above. His chin doesn't normally jut out quite that way.

Visiting My Parents

We visited my parents in the summer of 2006; Miranda's cousins Sonali and Rohun were there as well.

The three cousins doing art together.

It was close to Miranda's and Sonali's birthdays.

Glad Sonali has her priorities straight.

The pond outside my parents' cottage.

Visiting Stratford, Ontario

We also visited the Stratford theatre festival that summer of 2006, with Liesl's dad and brother.

Lots of waterfowl.

A warehouse full of old props.

Miranda trying on costumes.

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