2007 Pictures

Pictures of Home (February 2007)

Our house, with Miranda. Actually, I'm not sure what the date was on this one and the next, they may well have been from 2006.


Berlin (February 2007)

Schloß Charlottenburg and its grounds.

The Berlin Zoo.

Göttingen (February 2007)

We visited Göttingen, where I spent the summer of 1986 with a wonderful family named the Bischofs; I was very happy to see them again, and Liesl and Miranda enjoyed meeting them. (I'm pretty sure that's why Miranda decided to learn German) Unfortunately their daughter Richenza was sick and couldn't be there.

The Gänseliesl.

The school that I attended.

Herr Bischof reading to his grandson (Richenza's son) Leo-Ferdinand.

Their son Tilman and his girlfriend; the downside of putting up these pictures a year after the fact is that I've forgotten her name... (But she was very nice, we enjoyed meeting her!)

Liesl sitting with Leo-Ferdinand.

Miranda looking at Leo-Ferdinand's dog.

Herr and Frau Bischof.

The StreamStar Launch (April (?) 2007)

Me at the StreamStar launch.

Sturbridge Village (July (?) 2007)

We visited Boston that summer; the only pictures I took were at Sturbridge Village.

The Opera (October 2007)

We went to a performance of The Magic Flute at the San Francisco Opera with our friends Betsy and Paul.

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