David Carlton's Home Page

General Info

I direct the interested reader to my blog or my twitter feed: I'm adding to them fairly reliably these days. Information here is much more likely to go stale.

My e-mail address is carlton@bactrian.org. I'm currently working for Sumo Logic on cloud-based security selutions. Before that, I worked for for Playdom (which was purchased by Disney) on Facebook games, and before that, I worked on a high-performance video server at a startup called Kealia that was acquired by Sun .

Personal Info

I'm an obsessive reader. (Less obsessive than I used to be, alas, because of time pressures.) I play video games a fair amount. I'm married to a wonderful person named Liesl Bross, and have a fabulous daughter named Miranda Ursula Bross who was born in July, 1999. We also have an adorable poodle named Zippy. Here are pictures of all of us, last updated 2/14/09. I grew up in Oberlin, Ohio; I lived in the Boston area (Cambridge and Somerville) from 1989 to 1998; I've lived in the SF bay area (Mountain View) since 1998. Feel free to send me e-mail.

Programming Projects

When programming for fun, I like Ruby and Rails; the main thing that I've built using that is a memorization program that I use to study Japanese. One offshoot of my work at Sun/Kealia was a C++ unit test framework.

Before joining Kealia, my main programming project involved working on GDB, the GNU debugger. I did some cleanups, and significantly improved its support for C++ nested types and namespaces. Most of this work made it into GDB 6.3, though some of the cleanups never made it in for various reasons.


I used to play go a lot, though I haven't found much time for it recently. When I played go regularly, I built up a large collection of go books; as a result, I made The Annotated Bibliography of English-language Go Books, containing descriptions and/or capsule reviews of almost every go book published in English before 2004 or so.


In a prior life, I was a mathematician. My thesis was entitled "Moduli for Pairs of Elliptic Curves with Isomorphic N-torsion". I was a postdoc for five years after grad school, during which I spent some time doing research on modular forms and on category theory, and some time teaching; maybe I'll resurrect my teaching web pages at some point.

Some Random Links

I apparently don't feel like listing much stuff here any more, but there's one link I couldn't bring myself to delete:

david carlton <carlton@bactrian.org>