Notes on Teaching

These are my web pages about teaching. The main reason for the existence of this page is the groupwork page: it's intended as a guide to people who are curious about using groupwork to teach mathematics, but a bit nervous. Hopefully, by reading it, you can avoid some of the mistakes I made. The case studies are descriptions of courses that I've taught recently. (Update: not so recently, alas: I haven't found time to update those pages in quite some time.) The philosophy section (currently under reconstruction, so who knows when it wil reappear) is mostly self-indulgent rants written to try to get some ideas straight in my head, but it may explain some of the reasons for my choices in the case-studies. How to teach go is something I wrote a while ago, and is of a rather different flavor from the rest of the pages, but I'm including a link to it here since it is, after all, teaching-related.

Please e-mail me with any feedback you have about these pages.

Update June 28, 2006: I'm not sure I still stand by everything here, but I leave it in case anybody finds it of value.

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